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Keeping a journal while on a road trip, vacationing with family, backpacking, or enjoying a summer escape not only leaves you with a one-of-a-kind memento at the end of your journey, it’s also a great exercise in restraint: What can you make and do with what’s at hand compared to the wealth of supplies and tools perhaps hoarded away in your studio? (Okay, maybe I’m projecting a bit here…)

My husband, brother, and I took a much-needed family vacation in early August, visiting friends and family from the Poconos down to Rehobeth. I’ll detail next week what was in my travel art bag (including some successes and failures), but this week wanted to share what the end result was.

Travel Journal: Page 1 Travel Journal: Pages 7-8

Since I tried not to bring too much with me, a lot of my greatest victories in making my journal came from using things I found away. Case in point, the page to the far left was made using words clipped form the in-flight magazine and I made the pocket on the page behind that using our boarding passes. The cookie on the middle page was just made by tearing a piece of paper bag and making chips with my markers, but I honestly love the end result more than I would a sticker or other image: not only does it capture the memory, it pleases me with my own resourcefulness. Additionally, while much of what I make suffers from creative clutter, having limited resources results in pages like one to the far right; I think it’s beautiful in its simplicity.

Travel Journal: Pages 19-20One thing I did bring a good selection of was markers and colored pencils and, as a result, my final journal has a lot more doodling and drawing than I normally include in a collage or when making cards.


Travel Journal: Pages 21-22As a result, I think the final pages have a great touch of my hand, making the journal’s small size that much more intimate.

To see additional pages from my travel journal, click on the book cover below. As a temptation, I will let you know that one of my page spreads includes a pretty silly set of screenshots from The Sims!

Travel Journal Cover

  • Have you made or kept a travel journal? Tips or photos to share? Leave a comment below!
  • Have an idea for a future modus operandi feature? Want to know how I achieved a certain effect or what I used to make a project? Leave a comment below or e-mail me at miscellanea (dot) arts (at) gmail (dot) com!

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  1. Wednesday, September 24, 2008, at 12:35 pm | Permalink

    I always have the best intentions of making a travel journal but somewhere along the way, I don’t like what I’m drawing/gluing in there so I quit. I brought so many supplies with me on vacation to Fl in July and didn’t use many of them. I’m going to try again in January when we head to Fl again.

    Wanted to thanks for stopping by my blog for the birthday giveaway. I answered your question there but thought I would copy it here: It’s dd’s favorite mag. She is wanting to be a green architect and a graphic designer after she goes to college so I’m thinking the style, colors and design appeal to her in this mag. I find it interesting to look at, myself, especially for the color combinations (which I like to use in my art.)

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