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Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

There are a few communities I’ve been a member of over the past year that I am profoundly grateful for:

  • The artsy community on Twitter. Working from home, I often say that Twitter is my watercooler, but the community there is so much more. We dish about TV shows and politics and other watercooler topics, to be sure, but there’s also a lot of inspiration and encouragement and advice. And opportunity—I first discovered Patti Digh via Twitter and now two of my works are in her most recent books, Creative is a Verb and Four Word Self Help!
  • The spiritual community at my local UU. Prior to my move, there was a lot of drama and problems erupting within my UU congregation in Florida, heartbreaking and confusing. I approached a new congregation with more than a little bit of trepidation, but have found a core group of people who I really admire and enjoy spending time with.
  • My pal Gingy‘s stitch and bitch group. Though they originally accepted me even though I wasn’t a knitter and let me show up every week with my not-knitting (embroidery, more often than not), I’m now deep in their fiber passion, first spinning, and now attempting my first knitting. And, while the accumulation of new skills is wonderful enough, it’s really about the community of folks who show up, the stories they share, and the good times had. And there have been many laughs, many shared cups of tea, and I’m more than a wee bit blessed to be welcome into such a circle within a few weeks of moving back to Maryland.

I look forward to continuing to grow and benefit from my connections to all these groups in 2011, as well as the wonderful women I’ve met through the Declaration of You e-course (note: affiliate link).

Reverb 10 is an opportunity to reflect on this year past and manifest forward into 2011. This project involves daily prompts throughout the month of December and you can learn more about it—and join!—here and you can follow participants on Twitter using the #reverb10 hashtag.

Thanks for reading!

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