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Friday Five: The Revival

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version or read its description.

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Just a head’s up:  I am on the road, vacationing my way through Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for the first week of the month. Due to limited computer access, I won’t be updating the blog, so my regular features will not be posted; Friday 5 will resume August 15 and modus operandi will resume […]

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Modus Operandi: Three for the price of one

This modus operandi started out being about one thing, morphed into a second exploration, and ended up in far left field. If you include the subsequent “best laid plans gone awry” epiphany, I’d say it’s a grand slam! Today’s subject was first inspired by the July/August issue of Somerset Studio, which includes a feature on […]

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Friday Five

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version or read a little description.

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Modus Operandi: How’d they do that?

& we’re back! A little later than expected and a bit soggier, but modus operandi has returned. On to this week’s topic… One of my favorite things about mixed media collage is, of course, the fanatical use of layers and the level of customization within each layer. Learning to do this requires a great deal […]

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