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Brand new

Joy! Some months in the coming, I am so thrilled to launch the redesigned The original version of the site utilized a freely available WordPress theme, but after designing WP themes for a variety of other sites, I wanted the experience of doing it for myself and this site design is the result. Like […]

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Seems like every blogger hits a point where they have to apologize for something on their site:  a misunderstanding, an offensive presumption, or—in many cases—a lack of activity. Seeing as my last post (in, yes, January) talked about the themes of passion-compassion, I’m instead going to be compassionate with myself. I’ve been away from the […]

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Just a head’s up:  I am on the road, vacationing my way through Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for the first week of the month. Due to limited computer access, I won’t be updating the blog, so my regular features will not be posted; Friday 5 will resume August 15 and modus operandi will resume […]

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Modus Operandi Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances (read as:  nonstop rain making its way from the roof into my studio!), I’m skipping this week’s modus operandi–but the feature will be back next week! (I almost typed “come hell or high water” there, but, given the current situation, that’s just asking for trouble…) There will be more Artist’s Way […]

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Another quarter heard from

Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage. Anaïs Nin Originally, I had a narrow impression of what a blog could be: to wit, a journal shared in a public space. Having my own blog and reading those of others, however, I have been impressed by and enamored of the way a blog can also […]

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