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Modus Operandi Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances (read as:  nonstop rain making its way from the roof into my studio!), I’m skipping this week’s modus operandi–but the feature will be back next week! (I almost typed “come hell or high water” there, but, given the current situation, that’s just asking for trouble…) There will be more Artist’s Way […]

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Modus Operandi: 18 Inspiration Prompts

Keep an art journal It’s a resource to gather inspirational images or quotes, collect and test your ideas, and track your progress as an artist. Stretch Sometimes getting up and out of the studio and moving around loosens you up creatively, too, and provides just the right scenario for coming up with the next best […]

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Modus Operandi: Workbooks and being an art student

I had something else planned for this week’s modus operandi, but something Collage Contessa shared via twitter has been percolating in my head, so I’m switching gears. In discussing coming to terms with the the idea of one’s workspace as a “studio,” Kris shared the definition of the word: STUDIO1. An artist’s workroom.2. An establishment […]

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Modus Operandi: DIY Masks & Chipboard Elements

Squeaking in with minutes remaining this Tuesday, but still under the deadline! This week, I want to remind you not to be limited by the items in your stash or found in the wondrous aisles of scrapbooking goodies at your local craft store. Sometimes you don’t have the just-right thing on hand or maybe it […]

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Modus Operandi: Paintbooks

Welcome to a new series where I share techniques and discoveries I use in my various projects and artworks. Everything from how I organize my various collage materials and ephemera to the steps I use to create layered backgrounds to the tools I think are necessary to get it all done. MODUS OPERANDIThe way someone […]

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