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Modus Operandi: Paintbooks

Welcome to a new series where I share techniques and discoveries I use in my various projects and artworks. Everything from how I organize my various collage materials and ephemera to the steps I use to create layered backgrounds to the tools I think are necessary to get it all done. MODUS OPERANDIThe way someone […]

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Mother’s day: gifts for new babes

I made the above door hangers inspired by my friends’ pregnancies and the birth of their firstborn: a baby boy to one of my closest friends this January (the top design), and a baby girl the previous January, born to two awesome people I met in college. Two interpretations of a similar theme, made a […]

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Thing-a-day has begun!

Thing-a-day officially began Friday, and while I have been amazed by my productivity, I’ve been a bit of slacker in updating properly and sharing my creations. Check out my feed on their blog for updates (the image in the right-hand border also takes you to my page) and my Flickr pool for photos, but more […]

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Go for it: Thing-a-day 2 starts in six days

Do you make things? Any sort of things? Do you take or draw pictures, write poems, knit, sew, bake, direct your friends in avant-garde flicks or fold origami? Then join Thing-a-day with me and commit to making one thing every day for the month of February. Put your trepidations aside; it’s the shortest month of […]

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