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Prepping for my first gallery show

Maybe it’s the influence of journalism school, but I find I actually can be quite creative and productive under a deadline. The local gallery is having a members’ show in June, and I have the opportunity to include a maximum of five works. At the time I learned of the show, I had only completed […]

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By the seat of my pants

Like an invisible zipline, sometimes fate drags you to where you need to be. Last night, as we were considering a movie night on the couch, I recommended taking the dog for a walk. As we concluded our walk, my husband suggested going out for a drink. When we got downtown, I peeked into an […]

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Another quarter heard from

Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage. Anaïs Nin Originally, I had a narrow impression of what a blog could be: to wit, a journal shared in a public space. Having my own blog and reading those of others, however, I have been impressed by and enamored of the way a blog can also […]

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