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Prepping for my first gallery show

Maybe it’s the influence of journalism school, but I find I actually can be quite creative and productive under a deadline. The local gallery is having a members’ show in June, and I have the opportunity to include a maximum of five works. At the time I learned of the show, I had only completed […]

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Untitled, mixed media house

I’ve been thinking about homes and houses, inspired by some of the crafty creations I see in publications such as Somerset Studio and Cloth, Paper, Scissors, but also inspired by life: inheriting my mother’s house, working on homes for Habitat for Humanity, and probably just the general reflectiveness that can be expected when one turns […]

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Sneak Peek: Coming Friday!

Just finished photographing one of my major projects Wednesday night and, while the full series of photographs is not yet ready, I thought I’d update here with a sneak peek of a dozen detail images of the piece. Comments welcome, either here on the blog or on Flickr!

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Mother’s day: gifts for new babes

I made the above door hangers inspired by my friends’ pregnancies and the birth of their firstborn: a baby boy to one of my closest friends this January (the top design), and a baby girl the previous January, born to two awesome people I met in college. Two interpretations of a similar theme, made a […]

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