Across Mediums

I participated in Kate Swoboda’s e-course Across Mediums (now available as an e-book that you can do at your own pace!) and highly recommend the experience for anyone looking to let go of artistic anxieties and inadequacies and to dive into the pleasurable, fun, exploratory side of art making. The course provides you with insights into your resistances to art making and motivation to counter those experiences, all while challenging you to break out of whatever rut your in and to create in a variety of media—including paint, photography, and the written word.

As she developed the e-course into an e-book with lots of extra goodies, Kate interviewed several artists, including Carmen Torbus (listen to a snippet from her interview) and Darrah Parker (listen to her interview snippet) and, ohmigosh, ME:

A Short Piece with Angelique Weger from Kate Swoboda on Vimeo.

Thanks for reading!

Published in true life stories on Wednesday, July 14, 2010
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