My artwork is in 4-word self help!

For those not in the know, that’s a book! Like a real, in my hands this very moment, BOOK!

Four Word Self Help cover

I originally “met” the author, Patti Digh, through her blog, 37days, and via Twitter. When she put out a call for art for her new books, I anxiously and excitedly replied—I had seen what a wonderful process and product came from this process in her previous book, Life is a Verb.

And, now, the kinda unbelievable has happened. My artwork is in her book—a double-page spread of moi on pages 120-121. I’ve had the book in my hand for only a few hours, but I’m pretty sure I’ve already creased the spine right at this spot, so it will just always fall open, just so, to my artwork.

This is such an exciting moment. I am a published artist! Thank you, Patti Digh, and the wonders of Twitter, to make such a thing possible while I am living in this little space on Florida’s Gulf coast!

Thanks for reading!

Published in books, published works on Monday, August 16, 2010
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