I’m published (again)!

Creative is a Verb book cover

If you’re alive, you’re creative

That’s the subtitle to Patti Digh’s “Creative is a Verb,” inspired by her interactions with the artists who collaborated with her on “Life is a Verb,” and I am just DELIGHTED to be included in this book (page 46!).

Prior to today, I had only had my one section of “Creative is a Verb” to read, but now I am excited to soak up the additional chapters and take on the creative challenges which conclude each section! In addition, it’s just such a pleasure to have this and Patti’s book from earlier this year, Four Word Self Help, on my bookshelves to pick up whenever I’m in a creative or doubtful slump. They are physical presences that counter any critical voices (Michelle Ward calls them “vampires”) that might say, “Well, you’re not a real artist…” They’re like shields against self-doubt!

Many, many thanks to Patti and her publisher, skirt!, for the opportunity to be part of this book!

Thanks for reading!

Published in books, published works on Saturday, October 2, 2010
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