Welcome to the world, baby boy

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year.

The morning of October 14th, I got the call that my sister was in the hospital and in labor. While these calls, I’m sure, are always something of a surprise, this one definitely was because I had spoken to my dad only the night before when he calmly let me know this baby wasn’t making a move and a C-section had been scheduled in a couple of days, before he got any bigger.

While our parents were at the hospital in Chicago anxiously awaiting their first grandchild, my youngest sister (in Toronto) and I (in Maryland) did the Web 2.0 version of pacing in the waiting room—we chatted via Facebook, alternately giddy and hysterical and excited and laughing and, eventually, crying, when, finally, Dad called us each in turn to let us know our sister and her newborn son were both okay.

It was such an atypical experience of a traditional moment, and it stands out in my mind. While I know we each would have preferred to have been in that hospital, too, to have been there for our family and to greet its newest addition, I am grateful that we were able to share in that moment—its elation and its anxieties—in any way at all.

Baby photos of my nephew

Reverb 10 is an opportunity to reflect on this year past and manifest forward into 2011. This project involves daily prompts throughout the month of December and you can learn more about it—and join!—here and you can follow participants on Twitter using the #reverb10 hashtag.

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