Zee Declaration of You!

Well, really, the declaration of MOI!

I am a delighted participant in the recently launched Declaration of You, a collaboration between Michelle Ward (the When I Grow Up Coach) and Jess Swift.

While I have focused a lot of time over the past year on improving my skills and learning new artmaking techniques, I felt it was also time to do some work on who I am as an artist or who I want to be. What are my goals as an artist? What is my message? These are the questions that inspired me to look into the class. My wonderful friend Natasha, who has had great experiences working with Michelle as a coach and is jumping in with both feet to her food blogging dream at metacookbook, surprised me with a gift registration to the course—one of those truly memorable moments when someone believed in my dream more than I did, believed in me more than I do, and used her breath to fill my sails. <3 So, I'm just finishing up week two of the course and have already learned some kickass things. In one exercise, I got some feedback from friends and families about my unique qualities which was not only amazingly complimentary, but led to a strong breakthrough for me:

But the real theme I saw from an amazingly diverse group of people was that I am someone people admire for her uniqueness while also being very accepting and compassionate to the uniqueness of others. That my uniqueness doesn’t block out the sun for every other unique flower, blade of grass, what have you. And I thought, wow, that’s a great gift and I can’t believe I give that love and tolerance to people.

And, wow, I need to give that gift back to myself. Those people I admire? They kick ass, but they don’t block out the sun from reaching me, either.

This is one of those things that people try to break through our skulls over and over again, I know I’ve heard Michelle say something about this topic, I’m sure it’s been said on Spring. But I think I’m finally getting it.

I’ll post more about further epiphanies and experiences in the course after it closes at the end of the month, but a new round will begin February 21. If that’s something you’re interested in, please consider using my affiliate link to The Declaration of You and feel free to ask me additional questions about the course and my experience!

Note: This is the first affiliate link I’m posting on miscellaneaarts.com. I will always state if a link is an affiliate link and choose only to promote products and services I’ve used myself. So, it’s not just a commercial transaction for me; these are products and services I’ve used and gotten benefits from. FYI. Knowing is half the battle.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Tuesday, November 23, 2010, at 11:16 pm | Permalink

    You’d better post more! I haven’t gotten NEARLY enough reporting back, missy!


    More seriously, I’m so thrilled this is working for you so much.

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