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Earlier this year, I needled (encouraged? depends on who you ask!) a friend to create a 30-in-30 list—30 goals to accomplish during the year she turned 30. I found turning 30 to be prettyfuckingfantabulous (granted, 29 was hideous), so I was excited for her to have a good experience of turning 30, too. I also made her a little goal-setting book, which I’ll share photos of here tomorrow as part of the Friday 5.

June Journal (cover)This, of course, got me thinking of my own birthday; I turned 33 in March which, in turn, inspired it’s own list of goals for the year. I’ve 27 of the ideal 33 sketched out and have even completed them in my bloggity absence. Some of those goals are less one-time deals (like getting a massage, which I’m doing later today, or taking a workshop at Baltimore Print Studios, which I hope to do this summer) and more like habits I want to form—habits that create the life I want to lead, the woman I want to be.

And, at least for me, habits require record keeping, temperature checks to see how I’m doing. So I whooped out one of my many bookmaking guides and made one of the simplest books I’ve never made:  a stitched pamphlet with only one signature. It came as no surprise to me that I had whizzed past this style of book, anxious to make other more interesting or complex creations, but, as this project shows, the simple pamphlet book also has its place!

June Journal (cover)June Journal (inside view)June Journal (inside view)

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