About Me

A 30-something self-taught artist who finds her pleasure in repurposing ephemera and cast-offs into new, meaningful objects.

I enjoy playing with paint, stamps, paper, glue, fabric, thread, buttons, doodads, beads, ribbon, bells, keys, old books, and many other things I hide away in my craft desk. Sometimes this experimentation results in identifiable objects, such as altered books, artist trading cards, cigar box purses, etc. Sometimes not, but then I just paint over it and start again.

I am inspired by the assemblage works of Joseph Cornell, play of fine art and craft in Elaine Reichek’s work, the experimentation evident in Robert Rauschenberg’s combines and prints, and the rawness of Frida Kahlo’s self portraits.

I live in Maryland with my marvie husband, my teenage brother, a couch potato terrier, a rescued pit mix, and two rescued cats with very geeky names.