The current version of is powered by WordPress and features a bespoke WordPress theme. This version was launched in November 2010.

The previous version of the site, dating back to the site’s launch in 2008, utilized Studio‘s i feel dirty theme for WordPress.

Code was hand-coded in XHMTL and PHP using PSPad Editor. The structure of this theme utilizes Nathan Smith’s 960 Grid System and my CSS stylesheet begins with the reset popularized by Eric Meyer.


The design palette was based on the Moulin Rouge palette by realitybites and shared on ColourLovers. The design utilizes brushes and/or stock by the following:


Several handwriting fonts are used throughout the site to give the design a sketchy/hand-drawn feeling:

  • Highland Perk—The main handwriting font used throughout the site, specifically used for page and post headers and headers in the sidebar and footer.
  • maenana2—Found in the miscellanea arts’ logo, both in the upper left corner of the site and the “m” initial just above the site footer.
  • Sketchy Times—This font is used in the navigation tabs at the top of every page.

Images & Photography

Unless otherwise noted, images on this site are the property and copyright of Angélique Weger. Please do not reproduce images without explicit permission.